"…..I was raised into a good home with loving parents.  I never  doubted that they wanted the best for me but as I got older I began to question…."

Craig  -  Austin, Texas


Have you ever doubted what you were raised to believe?  Do you have questions about your existence?  Here you will find links and info to help you make these important decisions for yourself.

Millions of children are born and raised into a religion.  Brainwashed from birth they never had an option to form their own beliefs.  We are here to provide answers for these people.

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godlessworld.org is a startup non-profit organization that reaches out to spread the truth about religion.  We are looking for people who could donate time, money, website and social media experience, marketing experience or anything else that may be useful. Please contact us for more info on how you can help up reach more people.


How can you help?

12 January 2013

godlessworld.org official launch of website.


More coming soon



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